Monday, August 28, 2006

Chickpea Curry

I didn't remember to take a pic of this before we dug in and there just wasn't much left. After I made the Peshawari Chana a couple weeks ago, my husband told me to try using Shan's Murgh Chole seasoning mix and just don't add chicken the next time I made chickpeas. So today I picked up a box of the spice and then decided that I really wanted to do my own spices since I would have more control of the salt. It ended up really being good much to my surprise! I don't normally "make up" my own recipe but need to follow one for food to work, haha. I remembered from my nutrition course in college that ingredients are listed in the order of the highest amount so using the ingredient list on the box started adding my spices to my dish. My husband was impressed and that's hard to do!!! Here's the recipe and I'll try to remember to take pics the next time.

Chickpea Curry

1 ½ onions, chopped
2 tsp. minced garlic
2-3 tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp. paprika
1 tsp. cumin seeds, ground
½ tsp red chili powder
¼ tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp tumeric
1 tsp. whole cloves
2 brown cardamom
2 bay leaves
¼ tsp. nutmeg
2 cans chickpeas
2 cups chickpeas, boiled
2-3 green chili peppers

Heat oil in large pan. Brown onion, adding garlic just as onion is turning brown on the edges. Once brown add tomato and salt, cover and let cook until mushy. Add spices then chickpeas. Cook until chickpeas are soft. Serve with rice or bread.


~*Untamed Desires*~ said...

never made it before..ur recipe turned out good for me too:) mom made puriz n v loved it -thanx:)

CJ said...

Glad it turned out great! Thanks for the comment, I never know if people actually try any of the recipes. I was pleased with the way this dish turned out!

luckyfatima said...

i like shan masala. i usually use about 1-2 teaspoons and then add some pinches of my own stuff. My MIL sends me a special family recipe garam masala, too. And I use Julie Sahnie's fat yellow book on Indian cooking or Madhur Jaffrey's book for a general idea of the recipe cuz shan is not always the clearest in instructions. The Sahni and Jaffrey book are suitable for my DH's family's style of cooking cuz they are Urdu speaking N. Indian origin, but I know Peshawaris, Punjabis, Hydrobadis, etc, all have their own expectations of how stuff should come out. Is there any book that u have found helpful? I'd like to try some Peshawari stuff, if u know any special ones. I already saw the chole recipe below and also I make chapli kababs :)

I like Murgh Chole Masala and I use that one, too for w/ or w/out chicken, too.

Shan Masala Zindabaad! (long live Shan)

CJ said...

I had one Indian cookbook that I was using for awhile but my hubbie didn't really care for the recipes. He is actually a great cook and is the one who has taught me how to cook the Pakistani dishes that he likes. I also browse websites and use recipes from that. This curry I actually did myself. I had the box of Shan Murgh Cholay and decided I wanted to make my own mixture. I looked at the list of ingredients on the box and used it as a guide, wrote down how much of each ingredient I was adding. I figured my hubbie is the guinea pig, lol, and if he liked it then it was a hit. It was a hit!! We make chappli kebabs too but he always mixes the meat and spices so need to get in there and watch what he uses, then I can post it.

Leilouta said...

I get so excited when I discover blogs with recipes. I will definately try this one.

CJ said...

Great! Let me know what you think!